Blood Simple (1984) – Blu-ray review


Synopsis: A rich but jealous man hires a private investigator to kill his cheating wife and her new man. But, when blood is involved, nothing is simple.

What’s it like? Double Indemnity meets Cape Fear

Film: 9/10. The Coen Brothers’ theatrical debut is a masterclass in noir film-making. What starts off as a seemingly simple revenge film escalates into a cat and mouse thriller with plenty of twists and turns. 96 mins.

Picture quality: 6/10. It’s serviceable and a marked improvement on the DVD but unfortunately it’s quite soft and colours are not always accurate. Criterion released a remaster in 2016 that showed a marked improvement in both areas.

Audio quality: 8/10. The stereo surround track does the job nicely. The score in rendered well, as are the multitude of effects. For a film made on a relatively small budget and of this age the sound design is very nuanced.

Trailer: YouTube

Disc reviewed: Country: U.S., Studio: MGM, Region: A locked

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Starring: Dan Hedaya, Frances McDormand, John Getz, M. Emmet Walsh, Samm-Art Williams

Pick up a copy of the U.S. release of Blood Simple (The Criterion Collection- DIRECTOR-APPROVED EDITION) [Blu-ray] Amazon and help support this site.

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